Hi!!  I am Laurie Sylvia and I developed a natural line of 

natural cleaning and home products to meet challenges that pop up in daily life!
My son got into the car after Lacrosse practice, all smelly and I DID NOT want to 
put a chemical odor spray on his equipment so... I researched and learned all about
essential oils and their wonderful properties and created formulas that got the job
done without chemicals! The Odor Spray was my first product in my line, it neutralizes 
 smells and cleans as well!
 I have owned and operated a residential cleaning service for several years
 so, this lead to a creating a full on natural cleaning line!  
My biggest seller was also in response to life, I had to do my moms laundry at her assisted
living home and after tweaking and tweaking, I came up with my Laundry Booster, it 
transforms your laundry, tackles odors, degreases, softens and just plain makes your 
clothes cleaner and the washer as well!

 " I love researching and creating products that work hard and naturally

 and get the job done!"   Each product is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal 

 and smells great!!